Arsenal vs Liverpool – Highlights & Full Match

Arsenal vs Liverpool
Arsenal vs Liverpool Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Premier League
Date: 14 August 2016
Stadium: Emirates Stadium (London)
Referee: M. Oliver

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  1. Any chance you can get NBC highlights? Martin Tyler and Neville show about as much passion as a walnut. Unless some young United player scores of course.

  2. Please get the South African PSL league games…I am guessing we can know the first 10 great teams in South Africa as their league grows.. they hosted the world cup and their local games are improving..

  3. The ads really got some problem. I just cannot watch the extended highlight. Tried two different browsers, it’s just stuck there, refresh not working, close/re-open not working either, very frustrating. No problem with 2nd half though, which I watched first.

    • buy a new system, format your existing one, install new windows, try new browsers, re-start your router\internet connetn, clear your caches, never CRITICIZE this SITE.

  4. Klopp has a problem. last year the scousers were constantly digging themselves out. i am not going to question any squads character, because they all train bloody hard. character is not something a coach wants to see grinded upon his team, because eventually it breaks and usually at the end, when one needs it most. when a squads last moment is called upon, it has already run its course.

    for myself, Milner can play anywhere in the park, and play very well. i don’t believe his calling at pool is a fullback flank. that said, if Milner can help stop the bleeding, so be it. but i truly believe he has a critical awareness for team goals. more quality minded than firmino. somehow Milner has really got a bucket for much of his career, i just can’t figure it.

    Sturridge AWOL again this year, sell him for Christ’s sake, some1 can use him & the premiere needs good performers. there is a coach out-there somewhere that can agree with him.

    nice acquisition with Mane, exactly what Liverpool needed to open-up the final 3rd. Liverpool stinks of baseline goals, and stinks in a good-way 😉

    good luck every1, hope your favorite team plays some entertaining football this year.


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