Chelsea vs West Ham United – Highlights & Full Match

Chelsea vs West Ham United
Chelsea vs West Ham United Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Premier League
Date: 15 August 2016
Stadium: Stamford Bridge (London)
Referee: A. Taylor

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  1. Costa should have been sent off for a second yellow at very least. In my opinion it was a straight RED. Chelsea deserved enough for a point at most. Rubbish ref.

    • west ham should have their goal disallowed and chelsea should have 3 penalties …and yea u are right, costa should get red

    • Its true that costa went careless on adrian. All players, always have better treatment when they have CLEAR CHANCE TO SCORE and fall into foul. Referees consider that!! This is the reason why referee didnt give red card!! Trust me I have seen massive number of football matches, around 30-40 per week and I have seen the exact same thing lots of time before!! If it was on a different spot far away from goal then costa would be sent off. If you have doubts and you watch lot of football objectively you will understand. You can also think how many times a foul was occured with last defender (defenders foul), on attacker and a yellow card or even not a card at all was shown to defender!! Why? Because there was not an obvious chance for attacker (striker) to score!! If you check rules and sides of them you will see that strikers have also a little more elegibility and priveleges than others!!

    • u are rubbish, ref did good, all the Sts would ve go for tackling if see a Gk losing time passing, u noob hater of the MIGHTY CHELSEA

  2. stop complaining on the best striker in the world, I know u most of noobs mad on him bc he ve to much personlity

  3. I follow silently,,,,,, listening to manu guys is fun,,,they complain alot,,,,tha referee wat right,,,jst like George said,opportunity is given,,,jst get it right guys


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