Barcelona vs Sevilla – Highlights & Full Match

Barcelona vs Sevilla
Barcelona vs Sevilla Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Super Cup
Date: 18 August 2016
Stadium: Camp Nou (Barcelona)
Referee: Alejandro Hernández

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  1. From the last week I haven’t been able to watch the videos here
    I tried disabling adblock, opened the site in google chrome incognito mode, tried different browser and reloaded the whole page. I am able to stream content from other websites like youtube and dailymotion. Please tell me how I can fix it.

    • Maybe there’s too many processes running on your computer at once. Too many for it to handle. Open task manager and check CPU usage. If it’s near 100% and restarting the computer doesn’t bring it down then maybe you’ll have to uninstall some programs or close some background programs down.

      • Hello, Thanks for the reply. The CPU usage is at 12% and more than 3GB RAM is free on my machine. So it’s not the problem with the system resources. As I said before I am able to access flash content on other websites. I am wondering if it is an issue of accessing content that is hosted on playwire. Dont know why it is happening all of a sudden


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