Brazil U23 vs Germany U23 – Highlights & Full Match

Brazil vs Germany
Brazil U23 vs Germany U23 Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Olympics
Date: 20 August 2016
Stadium: Estadio Jornalista Mário Filho (Maracanã) (Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro)

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  1. Brazil and Germany has always been in the finals. Germany where Always the underdog losing to Brazil when they met. My opinion these under 23 Brazil team play hard and smart with the ball just like the old Brazilian team. However the new first division Brazilian team don’t pass the ball to each other very well. The Brazilian first division national team has great players but not fast enough and don’t pass each other than these young boys. Wish the first division Brazilian team could pass each other more especially in front…neymer, da Costa, hulk..Brazil has more chances in winning mos of the games if they can get a coach that can utilize the Brazilian first division national team. If the Brazilian team could pass each other more and play as team and let go of wanting to be famous and let go of the issues that hurts them based on wh o plays where in Europe and how much they get paid…confederation cup in Russia would love to see Germany, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Russia, England, Uruguay, and Croatia.

    • Well, they have a new coach, Tite, wo won the clube world cup with Corinthians against Chelsea 2012, he is also know RIGHT NOW known as the best Brazilian coach right now, so i do think he will get the team to the old glory.

    • Russia, Germany, Chile, Portugal, Mexico, Australia, New Zeland and one team from Africa will take part in Confederation Cup 2017.


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