Ryan Giggs’ punditry skills need some sharpening, says Premier League is “war of nutrition’ [Video]

Ryan Giggs' punditry skills need some sharpening, says Premier League is "war of nutrition' [Video]

Ryan Giggs is undoubtedly one of the best footballers that has played the game and he is a Manchester United legend, but the ex-midfielder still needs to learn a thing or two about punditry.

In Friday Night Football’s debut on Sky Sports Giggs was a special guest alongside the usual suspects – Jamie Carragher, Thierry Henry and Jamie Redknapp. However, the ex-Manchester United player hasn’t took part in a lot of shows until now and that was slightly evident.

In the video below, while trying to explain that the Premier League is an endurance race, Giggs stated that the Red Devils will be in a “war of nutrition”, which barely makes some sense.


  1. If a player with 22 years of experience who has all the phases from 18 y.o. to 40 y.o. on the pitch says something about football…
    there has to be something in it.

    • nahhhh Nithin, maybe he did say it correct the second time but first time was a definite “nutrition”…. Maybe he’s lacking the nutrition he was used to since he had to give his brother’s missus back…….

  2. Straight up. ^^^^ war on nutrition? How is that hard to understand?

    Proper English might be too much when speaking figuratively lmao

    War of
    “the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth.” If you want to WIN 4 TROPHIES when looking at the bench

  3. If he did say nutrition, maybe he was referring to nutrition and the emphasis on diet among today’s teams: who has the best nutrition etc.
    The erson who wrote this piece should check their own grammar:
    However, the ex-Manchester United player (hasn’t took) part in a lot of shows until now …
    Try : hasn’t taken 🙂

  4. The guy who wrote the article should worry about his journalistic skills, not Giggsy’s punditry, some shockingly poor English. I couldn’t get the video to play, except for the advert, so I don’t know what he said? If he did say, ‘nutrition’, it’s only right he should be made to eat his words, however, he has provided some food for thought………………………….


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