Burton Albion vs Liverpool – Highlights & Full Match

Burton Albion vs Liverpool
Burton Albion vs Liverpool Highlights and Full Match
Competition: League Cup
Date: 23 August 2016
Stadium: Pirelli Stadium (Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire)

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  1. what a worthless team that burton is, so many stupid and unskillful players, where did they get them from, I guess some ghetto full of morons..

  2. dude – who the FK are you? arrogant piece of sh*t!! and you could do better could you. I guess your not a liverpool fan… if you are your one of few uncultured misfits. i suspect your a united fan. speak like one!!

    • Hey Buddy, don’t assume he supports United. I am a United fan and I would never had said those things. He is just a sad person that clearly has issues, regardless of the team he supports. Leave him be, he has to live with himself. Don’t give him the satisfaction of getting to you or any fan/supporter.

  3. How did that comment get passed moderation.
    The comments section of this site is suddenly gaining posts –
    the mods best up their game to avoid this turning into
    a cesspool as many other sites have become

  4. How did one gobshite’s comments become a slagging match? He probably can’t kick snow off a rope and has to say sad things to make himself feel better. Anyways I thought Liverpool played well.


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