The UEFA award for best goal of the 2015-16 season goes to Lionel Messi [Video]

The UEFA award for best goal of the 2015-16 season goes to Lionel Messi [Video]

The handing out of the UEFA awards for the 2015-16 season has begun and the one for the best goal of the season has went to Lionel Messi.

The goal that won the award for the Argentine was the one he scored against AS Roma in the Champions League after an amazing combination with his teammates. Messi’s golazo received 34% of the overall votes, which is almost three times more than the runner-up Ricardinho. The Portuguese futsal player got 13% of the votes, while Xherdan Shaqiri’s scissor kick goal from the Euro 2016 earned him 11%.

Messi’s award winning goal can be seen in the video below and it’s simply amazing.


  1. Dani Alves (#6) was clearly offsides on that play. And he affected the play. It should have been called.

    Messi’s goal was very nice, but A) it was a team effort, and B) it wasn’t even the best goal of the matchup – Florenzi’s chip of Ter Stegen from midfield in the first leg against Barca was one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen, he just put it on a dime.

    • Thank you! This is textbook Messi dick-riding (as usual) from UEFA. You literally took the words out of my mouth: this wasn’t even the best goal of the matchup! Florenzi’s goal was far superior, as was the scissors kick golazo. Florenzi’s goal was so audacious given the space the ball had to cover.

      And to piggy back on your point, even watching that game live you can see Dani Alves is clearly offsides, which adds insult to the fact that the finish itself wasn’t anything extraordinary. A nice team goal and nothing more. Seriously, who votes on this rubbish? It’s times like this that makes you question whether the voters should really have any say in “best goal” queries. Leave it to the fans.

      Absolute rubbish selection.

      • You guys are real dickheads! Do you even know football to make such comments? Sure Dani was in an offside position but what has that got to do with anything until and unless he receives the ball in that position. As far as the best goal of the matchup goes, you are entitled to your opinions. This goal was just as good as it gets. And for Dani affecting the play, that is called marking and he just made sure that no defender clears the ball before it crosses the line. Doesn’t matter if he was offside or not. He is one of the best RB of this generation.

    • you analyze the video footage its clearly shows dani alves on side at the time the ball is kicked. The ball is in front of both messi and alves when Kicked.. and as for the nomination ..welll deserved .this goal shows team play.theres 6 one touch pristine passes made that lead to a goal..and the chip pffffffff
      football is a team sport you must remember this..

    • absolutely right. even though alves was passively offside at first he then actively blocked a defender. how can uefa not see this???

  2. This is horrific, his goal scoring rate now is borderline pathetic. He’s not as quick as he once was, and on top of that he doesn’t even inspire Barcelona to win trophies anymore. Messi at the 2014 World Cup was an even more painful viewing. His choice of suit is also getting even more abysmal. He has to retire, NOW!!!!

    • SO SAD!!! even if those things u mentiond were true (Which they r not) he is still GOD in the footballing world and the rest are just his creations… and u r a shit hole

  3. This is why we never get the best out of FIFA and UEFA! Certain teams and players must remain in the lime light for FIFA nad UEFA to make the most profit! It`s all bull, period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. complaining, complaining, always complainig. you are allowed to complain if you can ran with the ball and pass to your team mates the way footballers do, if not shut your mouth watch football and let fifa do its job


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