Jose Mourinho takes a dig at Bayern Munich regarding the Schweinsteiger case [Video]

Jose Mourinho takes a dig at Bayern Munich regarding the Schweinsteiger case [Video]

Bastian Schweinsteiger’s situation is undoubtedly one that no footballer ever wants to experience in his life – being totally benched after spending a career being a leader of a world-class team.

However, according to Jose Mourinho sometimes such things happen in football and it’s something too extraordinary.

The Portuguese manager even took some digs at Bayern Munich, due to the fact that the German club had made some statements regarding the Red Devils in which Mourinho and the club were slated for the way Schweinsteiger was treated. The Manchester United boss said in a press-conference that the 2014 World Cup is unlikely to play, but seeing him on the pitch was not entirely impossible.

Moreover, Mourinho stated that he was really surprised that Bayern didn’t come to Manchester in order to bring back Schweinsteiger.


  1. He’s got a point though.
    Bayern got rid of him, and now they’re shaming Man United for getting rid of him.

    • You´re right.. in my opinion, Mourinho knew as he arrived, that Bastian Schweinsteiger is not at his best level due to physical problems ( maybe since he arrived at Manchester United )… Mourinho also did knew that this is not the same Schweinsteiger that we´ve seen at the world cup 2 years ago.. as you said, i think the Bavarian guys knew this, and managed to get rid of him..

      • Exactly. Bastian didn’t ask to leave Bayern, and they sold him for very cheap for a player with his history (6 million).
        Bayern knew that Schweinsteiger wasn’t as good as he used to be and his fitness was getting worse.

  2. Bastian should take a wage cut and come to Celtic Park and play out the remainder of his career alongside Scott Brown in the centre of our midfield. Champions League football and 60,000 adoring fans to sing his name every match. We could give him the career send off he deserves.

    • I think it was a very good option.. what is happening with Bastian Schweinsteiger, already did happened with hundreds of famous players ( for example.. Paulo Sousa – a brilliant midfielder twice winner of the champions league by Juventus and Borussia Dortmund.. and what about Ronaldinho Gaucho ??.. ) i guess Bastian Schweinsteiger surely is not at his best shape, but i bet he can still do 75 brilliant minutes on th pitch.. the problem, most of the times, are the wages..


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