Germany vs Finland – Highlights & Full Match

Germany vs Finland__
Germany vs Finland Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Friendlies
Date: 31 August 2016
Stadium: Stadion im BORUSSIA-PARK (Mönchengladbach)

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  1. teams like finland should not play at that level, they do not have one decent player. there must be different tiers, different levels, it is disgusting and embarrassing to see a bunch of men running around without any skills or purpose.

  2. It’s the WC Qualifiers, at least they’re getting a chance. They didn’t do badly against the world champions that trashed brazil, they had a surprisingly solid defense.

  3. Ignorant comment. Finland isn’t a bad side at all. Look at their roster and they have top European players usually in their squad. Faroe Islands on the other hand…..


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