Cristiano Ronaldo harshly criticizes Xavi after the Barcelona legend says Messi is better [Video]

Cristiano Ronaldo harshly criticizes Xavi after the Barcelona legend says Messi is better [Video]

Xavi is without a doubt a Barcelona legend, as he has played almost his entire life for the Catalonians, helping them become the team they are at the moment. Moreover, in a recent interview, he praised Barca’s Lionel Messi over Cristiano Ronaldo, which is not surprising, especially given the fact that the two were teammates for a pretty long time:

“Ronaldo is a player of his time. The problem is that there is another who has been pretty much the best player in history.

Ronaldo is extraordinary but compared to Messi, for me and for everyone who likes football, there can be no comparisons.

Messi will be number one until he wants [to stop]. He’s superior to everyone and is the best in the world, unless you are Real Madrid.”

However, after hearing about Xavi’s statement, the Portuguese superstar seemed pretty insulted and didn’t hold back one bit during an interview he gave after Real Madrid’s game against Osasuna.

“Xavi is playing in Qatar or I don’t know. Anyone who wants a front page talks about me. He has won it all, but never Ballon d’Or.”

The comment undoubtedly is a bit harsh, especially given the fact that Xavi has been a teammate with Messi and it’s nothing extraordinary that he favors the Argentine playmaker.


  1. this ronaldo is MF
    I was a big fan of him but his arrogance and pride turned me towards messi…this shit ronaldo is not a good sportsman

      • You said it. The constant bombardments ronaldo faces each day are ludicrous. And people talk about how he’s a bad person compared to messi what has messi done that Ronaldo hasn’t. Has he donated millions to hospitals? Has he helped his hometown when they face crisis? No, his charities are for building barcelona academies or shomething, ronaldo’s are for people in need. And lets not forget that thing with tax evasion messi has. If anything ronaldo is a better person and more honest than messi will ever be.

        • Nilo, your comment is quite ridiculous. Ronaldo is well, well, well known about his arrogance. And we are talking about football, not charity. What has Messi done more than Cristiano? Do you follow football? Messi smashes Cristiano’s record on winning titles.

          • FanDaElis I find your comment also quite ridiculous, you clearly lack the intrepertation to understand what i was saying and lack the brains necessary to refute it. I never said messi isn’t better than Ronaldo at football. I said that he is a worse person which he is and explained why, you however, just mentioned Ronaldo’s arrogance ignoring the fact that messi COMMITED A CRIME!! Stating that he is a better person because he plays football better. lol. Also the fact that Ronaldo badmouths people and is arrogant in public just shows he’s honest which supports my claim that he’s a better peson than messi will ever be

      • Thats the truth, you cant deny. Xavi wasn’t saying CR was bad , he is just saying Messi is better. Everybody has their opinions, Just CR seems to have got offended which is his problem. Critisizing xavi wasnt necessary

      • Ayrton, how many of the Real Madrid have declared that Cristiano is better than Messi? Quite a few my friend. Did Messi said anything about it? Did Messi belittled a plyar because of statements of this nature? No. But le me tell you this, titles speak loud and Messi smashes Cristiano on sucha measure. So, if anyone coulp respond to comments comparing the two players, this one should be Messia and not Cristiano. But the problem with Cristiano is not that he responds to statements like Xavi’s. It is how he does it. He shows a giant ego.

      • there is a difference in giving opinion just like what Xavi said to bragging his award to someone who won a World Cup…lol

  2. Well Ronaldo has done it in 2 top leagues, one of those being England, which is the hardest league in the world, and he has done it at international level. Messi has only done it in one league which is a top league but an unbalanced league with only 5-6 teams being of any real quality. He also did it playing for the best team in the world surrounded by amazing players. He also has not done it at international level.

    Ronaldo is the best player in the world for me. But Messi is a very very very very close second. I wish we didnt have to compare. but if you do compare – Ronaldo has more proof that he is the best.

    • Proof? The only proof one needs is a watching one match with the two of them in it. Watch as many Classicos as you can with the two of them involved. You almost forget Ronaldo is on the pitch. Messi es un perro, He is the last of the dog men. He controls games in a way Ronaldo never has. Leo is a footballer, he would play for free, he would play with no one in the stadium. His relationship with the ball Cristiano Ronaldo is a celebrity. It’s agonizingly clear that football is a means to an end for him. A medium for the promotion of his brand. He talks about ballon d’ors as if they mean anything. Individual awards in football are anathema to in a team sport. Ronnie is undoubtedly a better Athlete, and he has worked hard to get where he is. But Messi hasn’t worked, he never had to. His greatness is intrinsic. He plays the exact same way now, as he did as a young boy at la masia. The same movements, the same shots. Messi is a footballer, Ronaldo a prima donna who uses football to promote himseslf. Messi is the best player in the world, Ronaldo is a distant second, if that.

    • what world are you living in? messi is 10 times better than ronaldo and always will be! for a start messi doesnt cheat like ronaldo and doesnt roll around on the ground crying for half the match..also messi is more skillful, is a better team player and doesnt sulk like the baby ronaldo

    • Whoever said the English league is the best must be pro English or doesn’t watch the Spanish league.Spain has dominated European football in the last decade.

    • A certain Mr Zlatan has done it in every league he has ever been to – which is more leagues than Messi and CR7 combined.
      CR7 and Messi, in my opinion are 1 trick ponies in a 1 horse race. Zlatan has proved himself all over Europe with different managers, leagues and team mates. We all know that CR7 has no teammates – thney are supporting cast. Messi was so jealous of Zlatan with money and rank in the team he literally gave Pep an ultimatum – him or me. What sort of players are these guys?
      They have entire teams adjusted to their liking and will never go elsewhere as a consequence. Meanwhile, Zlatan, at an age when many players are retiring, went to yet another league and I can bet he will be one of the top scorers in this league too. People are quick to say Ligue 1 was a joke – no it wasn’t. As a matter of fact, it was 1 of the more unpredictable and competitive leagues in the world before his arrival.Have you seen PSG lately?Zlatan made it look like a joke. PSG are no longer invincible in Ligue 1

      • Mr. Zlatan can kiss my ass… he is an arrogant motherfucker a fucking egoist narcistic dickhead. and a good football player as well but lightyears worse than Messi.
        this is the truth

  3. Ronaldo hasn’t done it at top level, Portugal have. They played better after Ronaldo went off and he had no impact while he was on. The only game Ronaldo was any use in to be fair was the 3-3 draw with Hungary, without his 2 goals they wouldn’t even have made it through.

    He is a very skilled player, has done some amazing things on the pitch, but Messi is the better player.

  4. Ronaldo is the better athlete, is better in the air, has a stronger right foot and might be slightly faster. However, Messi is a far more superior footballer and will always have a stronger impact on the game. He passes superbly, scores from within tight areas, is a better dribbler, has better ball control on the run, is very unselfish and is simply a joy to watch. Ronaldo is fantastic to watch and is by far a better leader of men. His desire to win and be the best is unparalleled.

  5. Xavi could say that messi is the best in history and all, without stating any names. When he started to compare Ronaldo to him (and start this bullshit messi-ronaldo talking again) it’s disrespectful in my opinion, I don’t think that Ronaldo should’ve respond to this at all but i can understand his anger at Xavi.

  6. as a spanish speaker I can tell you the media cherry picked lines from that interview to make CR look arrogant. He never said, “He plays in Qatar or I don’t know” The delivery was much different. He merely mentioned Xavi is playing in Qatar and said “I don’t know” much later meaning he doesn’t know how else to respond and what else do you want me to tell you. That was the real context. As for the BD’or reference, that was nowhere near comparing himself to Xavi as who has more BD’ors. Media is messed up. Ronaldo having 3 BD’ors was in context to a comparison to Messi when he said “He can keep saying he’s a better player. Then said I’ve won 3 bdor’s and there’s nothing else for me to say”.

  7. CR is a good athlete, has strong muscle. But Messi is by far the best footballer, which everyone knows. In addition, Xabi is better footballer than the muscle man in terms of his faith and intellect.

  8. Listening to interviews about anything, Ronaldo is by far the one with the highest IQ. It is so obvious. The fact that he is well spoken as well seems to be taken up against him.

    Football wise Ronaldo has a far broader palate of skills. Messi is superiour in a couple but overall there is only one winner.

    Messi is great when protected in a far superior side but has produced nothing in the national team. Ronaldo wins tournaments on his own. Like Maradona – the best ever.

    Role model wise: Messi quits the national team when his tax lawsuit hottens up – with his head down – indeed he is now a convicted criminal and should have been banned. Ronaldo inspires kids even when he plays on a relatively bad team like Portugal – by winning the Euros.

    • apart from your opinions on who is the better player, are you also saying that Ronaldo is the better role model? 2016 Euro was a sub-standard tournament. The least bad team won, without Ronaldo in the final, after failing to impress all tournament.

  9. amazing how many differing views on these two players. Forget Zatlan. He’s a fantastic individual with skills and size but ego has compromised his greatness. He also disappears from games when his team needs him most.
    Between C&M? many opinions. But how much of this are based on statistics? On individual abilities? Take away the rest of the teammates. What do you see in the players? Who is harder to shut down(M)? Who has better ball control(M)? who has better distance shot (C). Who is the better header(C). Who is the better passer(M). Who is the better dribbler(M). Who is quicker in open spaces(C). Who has more individual awards(M)?. Who lifts his team more(M)? My opinion of course. Some may disagree and that’s ok. Because we will always gauge biased towards what we prefer to see and the team we prefer to support. And many will gauge on emotion. And many will gauge without seeing enough of the players to actually be in a position to assess.
    Those two are way above the others. Most importantly, football prowess recognized, they’re simply human beings. Let’s leave it at that.

  10. Messi will always be the best no matter what why?cr started playing football before messi but messi has won more individual awards than cr this shows how best he is

  11. Messi is the best footballer right now, but in 2016 Cristiano Ronaldo outclass with his performance and won euro cup for national team plus uefa champions league, overall Ronaldo is the best player plus the best personality in the football category, thatswhy i love him.


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