Manchester United vs Manchester City – Highlights & Full Match

Manchester United vs Manchester City
Manchester United vs Manchester City Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Premier League
Date: 10 September 2016
Stadium: Old Trafford (Manchester)
Referee: M. Clattenburg

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  1. hahahah bravo is such a crap keeper then again man u are currently a crap team this match came far too early into the season what a shame

  2. Man united should always switch from the 4-5-1 defence system to a more attacking 4-3-3 system within the game. Zlatan should pass the ball in the box just like he is passed. He missed two simple goals and shot baby shots yet on his right hand side Merkaterian and Ronnie where just there in different occasions. Manchester should get its players in front to pass each other and score as a team..The front line is always trying to impress the coach or the fans and end up missing lots of opportunities. Martial, Roonie, Zltan, pogba miketarian should pass the ball more often when reaching the box and always look for a man united player that is free facing the opponent goalie. Two sure goals Zlatan missed today in the box, Rushford pass the ball all the time to Zlatan, Martial, Ronnie and Miketarian..they should learn from this kid..his surely not selfish in the box area, he passes the ball all the time.

  3. Yoo What the hell everything looks right and good video quality but I can’t watch the video it keeps refreshing itself after few moments why ??

  4. Man united outclassed in their own home ground. It where a few mistakes for unuted otherwise they would have won..Mikaterian was really a dead beat couldn’t keep up with the pace and lost the ball most times he got it. Zlatan missed two sure goals and could have passed the ball when he was in the box. Wish the united front line team could pass one another when in the box and knowing who has the better chance of scoring and given the ball within an instant. Don’t like United style in the front too selfish with the ball. Anyone can win the British premier league 2016 and I do see the big six teams we all know coming back strong…

    1. Man city
    2. Chelsea
    3. United
    4. Spurs
    5. Liverpool
    6 Arsenal

    Man city started well same as Chelsea. If man city beat all the 5 teams in the list they can take the cup but will have a bigger challenge in the Championships in Europe. Man united front line needs to improve and pass one another more work as a team score as a team then they will be fine…Wish Mata was playing instead of Mikitarean and wished Martial started the first eleven. United coach shouldn’t have changed the winning team that won the first two games, he should have sticked with them and replaced martial with Rushford..

  5. Bravo slide tackle maybe was penalty the ref didnt saw lol, the ones who say City will win the title just bc they beat Utd at Old Trafford they big noobs, bc as a big Chelsea fan I can say and see Chelsea and Utd have more to prove in the next games, ofc City also maybe they can improve the game, but deff Chelsea and Utd can play better than they did so far. As a big Chelsea fan I hope Chelsea win the league but im not so blind to no say that City and Utd can also win

  6. The Manchester derby has always been a match that even the neutrals look forward to in utmost excitement but after “The Special One”, Jose Mourinho and the Tactical Genius, Pep Guardiola, plunged into this mix, the rivalry became fiercer than ever.


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