Paris Saint Germain vs Arsenal – Highlights & Full Match

Paris Saint Germain vs Arsenal
PSG vs Arsenal Highlights and Full Match
Competition: UEFA Champions League
Date: 13 September 2016
Stadium: Parc des Princes (Paris)

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  1. When will man city v BMG be uploaded please it’s the only champs league game from last night not available? Thanks

  2. once again that uruguayan cavani proves what a worthless piece of shit he is, 4 easy opportunities and he did the impossible, missed them all and still the useless coach did not take him out, must be his lover.

    • Well don’t bother watching then, the guy is giving us MOTD replays, full matches and highlights for free. Greed of some people really!

  3. Ad-block is disabled for this domain but it is still displaying that I need to disable it. I have refreshed the page a number of times as well. This was not a problem yesterday


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