Club Brugge vs Leicester City – Highlights & Full Match

Club Brugge vs Leicester City
Club Brugge vs Leicester City Highlights and Full Match
Competition: UEFA Champions League
Date: 14 September 2016
Stadium: Jan Breydelstadion (Brugge)
Referee: T. Sidiropoulos

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  1. Leicester City shouldn’t have sold some of players after winning the Premier league 2015. they should have strengthen the team first eleven and have enough players to fill up the gaps when needed so as to get more competitive. Yes they should have kept some of its players and get them to more competitive and expensive later on..Its business and the competitiveness of the Premier league, now its clear they wont be able to match and compete fairly with the six giants…Man city, Chelsea, United, Liverpool, Tottennum, Arsenal. They rushed into making transfers way too early….and the big Giants are always on the hunt for new talents and they don’t waiste time in signing them up because they have the big bucks and ready for the transfers. Grow your team first for couple of seasons (2-3) win trophies and then be ready to trade with the big giants and also be able to buy back better players that will be the right fit for the position they are replacing…


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