Manchester City vs Borussia Moenchengladbach – Highlights & Full Match

Manchester City vs Borussia Moenchengladbach
Manchester City vs Borussia M’gladbach Highlights and Full Match
Competition: UEFA Champions League
Date: 13 September 2016
Stadium: Etihad Stadium (Manchester)

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  1. City is very powerful and I don’t see any team stopping them except Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern Munich. Their pace is a little slow compared to Real Madrid and Barcelona but once they improve a little bit they are destined to take the championships….PSG on the other hand will go all the way and lose in the Quarter finals seeing Real Madrid, Barcelona, City, and Bayern Munich

    • stop being such a biased, I m not so sure about all teams u enumerated above , they are just overated by noobs fans watching football since 3y ago. Chelsea ve all the chances to win the PL title beside they dont play in UCL, imo IF Chelsea play normal they will win the PL, City finish 2nd 3rd Utd, and in UCL anything is possible even Juventus can win the UCL or At Madrid, remember last year Real Madrid was lucky, AT Mad should had won the UCL.

      • Chelsea seriously you must be a big chelsea fanboy,but i do agree with you real madrid was lucky and zidane’s COACHING skills over was pretty clear during the match against sporting lisbon even though real won it.

    • I dont think PSG will lose ag all those u said , just try to understand and learn football better, Barcelona, Real Bayern are overated bc of thiers history

    • I absolutely agree with you. Tactically City are on another level with Pep. They will win the Premier League with a difference. Chelsea can go for 2nd, but that’s all. Barcelona vs. City is the most interesting fixture in the group stage of the CL. City will go far in the tournament. Semi-final for sure, unless they face a heavyweight like Barcelona or Bayern earlier. I think they can beat Real, who aren’t playing that good at all. They have extreme luck with Zidanne so far, but it won’t last forever. PSG are worse than last year. Not expecting much of them. Right now Barcelona, Bayern and City are the best teams for me.

      • Chelsea will win the league u noob ! watch and see ! mark my words ! Chelsea stronger than any other team !

      • Zidane equals the record amount of wins in a row in la liga and earned more points in his time as manager than barcelona did, AND then won the champions league….lucky.
        City have played 5 or 6 games under Pep and bar United, who aren’t even in the champions league, have not faced serious opposition.
        Yet they are better than the reigning European champions and current Spanish leaders….sure thing pal, you are a clown.

        • Is that why real was so close to losing against sporting lisbon sure they won it 2-1 but hey for a team like real it should have been a piece of cake,also this was a home match,even with the home advantage they won in the last minute with a 1 goal lead.the same thing happend against celta vigo where even with the home advantage they won by 1 goal.

  2. Please Can someone explain why I’m not able to see the Video ? Why isn’t it being displayed ?

  3. Dunno how you’re such an expert. But here are the betting odds which is gives a good idea of who are the best teams in Europe at the moment.

    5/2 Barcelona
    7/2 Bayern Munich
    5/1 Real Madrid
    10/1 Man City
    11/1 Atletico Madrid
    12/1 Juventus
    16/1 Dortmund
    20/1 Paris Saint-Germain
    25/1 Arsenal

  4. PL can go to any of the top 5 in England so saying Chelsea will win it proves your the noob. Chelsea have done nothing really to strengthen their squad, but they are playing better. Not the best squad though . Fosure.

  5. Has no one noticed how shit premier league teams do in European competition? Dortmund has a brand new and inexperienced squad yet I bet they will do better than Tottenham and Arsenal and maybe United.


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