Roy Keane comments on Celtic’s 7-0 defeat against Barcelona in the Champions League [Video]

Roy Keane comments on Celtic's 7-0 defeat against Barcelona in the Champions League [Video]

A couple of days ago, Celtic, a former European champions, suffered what was one of their most embarrassing defeats throughout their history. The Scottish team was humiliated with a 7-0 score by Barcelona in both squad’s Champions League opener.

There was a lot of debate going on after the game on whether or not Celtic should be ashamed from the defeat they suffered. Some stated that anyone could concede seven goals from Barcelona, while other were definitely not happy from the way the team from Glasgow mentally approached the game.

Among the people that were unhappy was Roy Keane, as he heavily criticized his ex-club Celtic and their fans for the way the approached the Champions League. He stated that it’s not acceptable for a team with so much history to be so happy just for entering the group stage. More details can be seen in the video below:


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