Arsenal have found a replacement for Arsene Wenger according to The Star outlet


Arsene Wenger has had his Arsenal job for a pretty long time, but except for a brief period at the beginning of the century, the Frenchman hasn’t brought a lot of glory to the club.

Thus it’s not much of a surprise that Wenger could be replaced, despite the fact he has been at the club since 1996. Moreover, according to the British outlet The Star, the Frenchman’s time with the Gunners could be over as soon as next summer.

I revealed in July that Bournemouth’s Eddie Howe has been earmarked to replace Arsene Wenger. And that could come as soon as next summer.

As the season unfolds it will be fascinating to see how Howe performs at Bournemouth, where – intriguingly – Arsenal’s England star Jack Wilshere has opted to go on loan.

The pressure is on the 38-year-old, he knows he has to at least keep the Cherries up if he wants the Arsenal job.

Moreover, Sun state that after Arsenal sack Wenger, he will be heading towards the Chinese league. Nevertheless, whether the reports can be absolutely trusted, we’ll see next summer.


  1. Yeah no. The next arsenal coach will be zinedine zidane or someone similar. I gotta wonder if they want to keep a Frenchman in charge, either way it’s gotta be someone who’s going to be capable of running such a big name.
    If wenger retires it’s going to be one of the the most prestigious positions open for a long time due to the length at which they are willing to stay with one manager, as well as the freedom given in team decisions, money spent, transfers etc. most teams the manager has a lot less say, whereas with arsenal it begins and ends with wenger. Some would say that has been his major fault, due to his economical background.

    • Sure, Zidane is going to leave one of the biggest clubs in the world, defending Champions League winners, the club he represented for 5 years as a player and for close to 6 years either as coach or manager to join a team that’s not won the league title for 13 years. Right, very likely.


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