West Bromwich Albion vs West Ham United – Highlights & Full Match

West Bromwich Albion vs West Ham United
West Bromwich Albion vs West Ham United Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Premier League
Date: 17 September 2016
Stadium: The Hawthorns (West Bromwich)
Referee: M. Clattenburg

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  1. why is this site called full matches when there is never a full west ham match. pathetic, again a few min of highlights, you are so pathetic in you favoritism with teams. upload the full match, now.

    • Wow take a step back mate you’re coming off as an entitled little cunt, don’t know if you’ve noticed but games are easier to find (and thus upload) based on the popularity of teams it’s got much less to do with those who run this site being biased than you’re assuming. How often did you see full matches from Leicester before they started to challenge for the title? You will rarely see full matches from teams outside of the top 6 or 7 in the EPL on any site it’s not just this one.. Your hammers has been fucking deplorable this season anyway mate save yourself the trouble and just watch the highlights

      • actually they are not you fuctard. and if you want to go ahead and suck the dick of any top team. go ahead. you people are so fucking stupid when it comes to your sport teams. never have i seen such disrespect to any other team even as far as not even uploading a full match the same week. i guess i will become a little bitch like you that only cheers for the top team of the week. little bandwagon jumpers you bitches are.


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