Watford vs Manchester United – Highlights & Full Match

Watford vs Manchester United
Watford vs Manchester United Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Premier League
Date: 18 September 2016
Stadium: Vicarage Road Stadium (Watford)
Referee: M. Oliver

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  1. i always watch football on this channel… when i miss a game i always look up to this site… it has been real good for years but i dont know since a while now, admin takes a very long time to update the 2nd half of few games… its realy annoying and we hope for a better service admin… EX: Manchester united and watford match started by more than 2 hours ago… but still no 2nd half…… please just be hurry n keep up the service cause we realy trust on this site

  2. Steve Mcmanaman was loving that! Hahahaha Paul Scholes’ face!!!! Well done Watford, from every real football fan across the globe.

  3. Always great to see Man United not winning, especially against PL newcomers. The season is getting interesting, earlier L’pool got beaten by Burnley, now ManU by Watford… who is next?

  4. great website and excellent speed of uploading. since this is a free website i have Adblock disable on this web site but i hate it when in the middle of match goes to play 10 second ad. it would be great to put 2 or 3 add in the beginning and then have the rest of the highlight or match with out any ad. anyways just a suggestion. thank you


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