Leicester City vs Chelsea – Highlights & Full Match

Leicester City vs Chelsea Highlights and Full Match
Competition: League Cup
Date: 20 September 2016
Stadium: King Power Stadium (Leicester, Leicestershire)

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  1. I hate the new update, some videos don’t work, too many pop ups and ads. Ad every five minute jesus are you trying to drive views away

  2. Jesus why are there so many ads now and I can’t turn on my adblocker anymore, are you guys serious?? Ok I don’t mind turning it off but please stop forcing us to watch an ad every 4 or 5 mins and we can’t even skip it, it’s getting really annoying now this site used to be great but now it’s getting bad with all these stupid ads…

    • Exactly f*** you idiots complaining about 30 second ads, this site is AMAZING. God Bless Fullmatchesandshows, you guys are a lifeline


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