Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid – Highlights & Full Match

Barcelona vs Atlético Madrid Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Primera División
Date: 21 September 2016
Stadium: Camp Nou (Barcelona)

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  1. I do thank you for all the great uploads, but often times it plays the commercial and then freezes, forcing me to reload, replay commercial then play the game. A bit frustrating. I am now on my third attempt.

    • I agree. I definitely appreciate this site, but the videos almost always crash after the commercials. Sometimes I’ll have to reload a single video 4-5 times just to watch one 45-minute half. I dread every 7-minute interval because there’s always a chance the video is going to crash; and it usually does.

      I know this is a free site but there’s display advertising and commercial advertising being sold here. It sucks constantly watching all these commercials and then having the actual content crash. I’m an expert on Dove Men’s Care and Degree Dry Spray now.

      Honestly, I’d rather pay a subscription for commercial-free videos rather than have to constantly reload all these videos after they crash.

  2. I love Ray Hudson as commentator. Hilarious, eloquent, and passionate. Entertaining commentary for a good game!

  3. Whoever’s saying the commentator is awful does not understand English well enough. He’s amazing. No other commentator can put words like he does. He’s simply genius at commentating.

    • He’s annoying because he seems so bent on making the experience about himself. I watch soccer to see players play, not to hear commentators.

      • Lol, You must be watching movies on mute too, no? You could argue likewise for movies that I watch movies for acting, not dialogues 😛
        Ray Hudson is probably the most entertaining commentator there is.


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