Northampton Town vs Manchester United – Highlights & Full Match

Northampton Town vs Manchester United Highlights and Full Match
Competition: League Cup
Date: 21 September 2016
Stadium: Sixfields Stadium (Northampton, East Midlands)

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  1. Wished that Jose used this team with Watford…the last years united team can win games with roonie, Rushford and Memphis or martial playing in front. then you can bring in Abrahamovic,Pogba and or mekaterian later on. Roonie is a front liner not a middle fielder…

    front line. Rushford, Roonie and Martial or Memphis
    Middle field: Mata, Carrick, perera then you can bring in Mekaterian or pgdba as substitutes
    Back line: Shaw, Smilling, Bailey, and Valencia. Front line is ok

    Jose is failing to understand which players play along within the front line and middle field..if he can use the last years team for the front and middle field in the next coming games. We will see better results. There is noting wrong to place Pogba, Abrahamovic and Mekitarian as subs and put them if we really need to..

  2. dude get a grip we payed 100 million for pogba he is sick he just needs to play a more attacking midfield role wher he can create more chances and take more long shots!

  3. very poor stream lagged alot constantly out of audio to video sync ads every 5 mins which only went and made the stream even worse than what it already was very poor experiance of a match to watch

  4. You asked to disable adblock, so i did.. now your ads are disabling my damn computer! messed up the whole joy of watching matches in this amazing website…shame


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