Pep Guardiola accused of treating his players like dogs by Yaya Toure’s manager, Dimitri Seluk

Guardiola accused of treating his players like dogs by Yaya Toure's manager, Dimitri Seluk

Pep Guardiola and Dimitri Seluk’s argument looks like it won’t be over soon. The two started a feud when Yaya Toure’s manager stated that Manchester City’s manager should not be so disrespectful towards the Ivorian midfielder.

Guardiola then said in a press-conference that Toure will not participate in any match for the team until Seluk makes a public apology. However, it seems that the manager of the Ivorian has no intention at all to say sorry to anyone about the things he said.

Seluk’s latest statement is that “Guardiola treats player like dogs” and that he should be coaching in Afghanistan and not in England. Nevertheless, it’s a bit hard to imagine how this will help Yaya Toure’s chances of playing football until the end of the season, as Guardiola definitely won’t be happy from these words.


  1. Yaya should understand that his time playing for city is done..Don’t get me wrong hid a great player but too slow for the new city games. His qualities can be used in a different slow soccer league games in South Africa…Yaya come join Mamelodi Sundowns in South Africa for a 2year contract then retire and give back in Africa by becoming a coach for Sundowns later on.


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