Hilarious video starring Arsene Wenger trolling Chelsea after Arsenal’s 3-0 win [442oons Video]

Hilarious video staring Arsene Wenger trolling Chelsea after Arsenal's 3-0 win [442oons Video]

Arsenal defeated Chelsea with a 3-0 score yesterday and it was a win that Arsene Wenger admitted that he particularly liked, but would enjoyed only in the next 24 hours. Nevertheless, he definitely earned his rights to do that, as the Gunners absolutely demolished the Blues.

However, the embarrassment for Chelsea doesn’t stop only at the horrific result, as the Blues were trolled all around the internet. One of the best videos was by 442oons, with them making an absolutely brilliant video staring Arsene Wenger, who is singing about his win over the Blues.

Watch the amusing video below:


    • @Rad easiest way to avoid spoliers is to google “fullmatchesandshows arsenal chelsea” then just go direct to the page from the google results.

  1. No pressure, no closing down, no confidence, no creativity, no teamwork, no energy, no will to win, no will to help defence, no running off the ball, few shots at goal, only one or two on target … plus you have to get off the bus before trying to resolve any of the above … guess that covers it … go BLUES!!!


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