Monday Night Football – Premier League Round 6 | Full Show



    • When you hover the player a red icon appears in the top right corner. It will take you to weshare and there is a download option there.

  1. No No Noooooo!!!! why did u guys change the playerr ??
    I know I can click on the top right and watch or download it from there, but what was wrong with how it was before?..
    Video on was slow to buffer.. I would love it if u guys switched back ..

  2. I feel so unhappy about the player change 😐 ..
    The view doesn’t play properly on and neither on 😐 🙁 ..
    I love BBC MOTD and MNF ..

    Is switching back player completely unrealistic ?

    • This isn’t a permanent change yet, we are just going to test this new player for a week and see what people say.

      But this forced no-adblock thing that playwire does we don’t like that and a lot of people complain every day so we have to test and see. I’m sorry about this but its impossible to satisfy everyone :/

      • I understand what you are saying.
        Ad’s in the middle of the video on the previous player were not my favorite thing. But, on the bright side, I personally did not face any buffering issues ever, which seems like one of the primary goals to achieve.
        Maybe a way to have both players ? Or, maybe neither and there could be a better 3rd solution ..

      • if u guys can just do something about the buffering then we,ll appreciate it other than that everything is fine becasue alot of people use adblocker. thx for hearing to us.

      • you can just turn off adblocker to load the video and then as soon as it starts turn it on again. as a result no ads while watching

  3. I came here every day and (my opinion)is that this new player is way too bad.
    Cannot load a single minute. IM using Firefox … and never had issues like this.
    I appreciate your effort uploading these shows. and im so glad that i have found you guys.

    PLease reevaluate, and take the best decision, cuz’ besides )ads) form older player, that one was the best.

    Thanks again!

  4. Absolutely love the work and I am a big fan of the site but just like others this player is not working for me at all (tried everything). I appreciate you guys trying to make it ad free but there’s no point if we can’t load the videos. I would like you guys to reconsider and bring back the old player.

  5. tbh its both that are annoying ads and buffering i didn,t like the message it had on playwire where u had to disable ad block. i switched to other websites but they r not as fast as u guys. most people would agree if u guys could do something about the buffering even with this player as long as there are no ads plz i dont want to leave this website been following this website for a long time. take ur time thx.

  6. for playwire: you can turn off your adblocker to load the video, and as soon as it starts you can turn it on again. so no ads while watching…

  7. Tried a few browsers on my iPad and none of them work with the new player. A shame because I like to stream to Apple TV. Would certainly vote for the old player, even if the ads are annoying sometimes. Thanks a lot.

  8. Personally much prefer the old player, having major buffer issues with firefox on a mac. Happy to watch a couple of adds and support the website. Thanks for your uploads!

  9. Hey guys, love your site! For some reason, IT at my work decided to block website and not playwire. So playwire for me as well.

  10. Nooooooooooo , this site was the best now I can’t get it to work anywhere please stick to the old player. Please don’t change


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