Borussia Dortmund vs Real Madrid – Highlights & Full Match

Borussia Dortmund vs Real Madrid Highlights and Full Match
Competition: UEFA Champions League
Date: 27 September 2016
Stadium: Signal-Iduna-Park (Dortmund)
Referee: M. Clattenburg

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    What happened to this beautiful website? Change the video player IMMEDIATELY.
    I never had problems with watching highlights and recommended this website for so many people.

  2. I used to love your website, I ‘ve been using it since the Euros. When you used the old player it didnt let us use adblock, which is annoying but okay you need to earn money, so i whitelist the site. Now you let us use adblock, but we cant watch the videos because they dont load!!!!!!!!! I tried download the video, it says 3 hours remaining for a 15 min video i am not going to wait 3 hours!! Now i will have to go back to those useless facebook pages which give highlights :(. can u go back to the old way it was. thx so much.

  3. admin why did chage the video player previous one was nice this one is not working even with full network speed 😔😔 so sad
    i love this site more than youtube

  4. We’re fixing it guys, sorry for the problems. We tried this new player but it seems not working as we expected. We’re fixing this ASAP

  5. Quality of videos in new player: Top!
    Buffering in new player: Disastrous!

    Ergo: Don’t like this site right now.

  6. WTF is wrong with the new player i am like watching on 1/1 mb internet!
    Do not give me the firefox crap because i watch on ps4, previous player did great! I do not mind the 10 sec adds it is free football, but buffering every 3 seconds when i have good connection is bull S!

  7. Oh man the new player is perfect stop complaining just cause you are to stupid to use it, you need to wait a few seconds after klicking on play and you have the video in hd. Why complain? you retards

  8. No problems at all for me. Disabled adblock and using google chrome. Anyways about the game, the crowd’s roar when Schurrle scored that equalizer at the end was amazing. Replayed that part a few times. Thanks for the video!

  9. Works very well, Admin. The ones for whom it works never post on the comments, only the few for whom it doesn’t work post. Don’t go by the volume of ‘Not working’, Love the new player and the fact that it is Ad free.

  10. i can’t see the downloading icon there… and when i am trying to download with IDM it goes with 5kbps maximum and suddenly stopped…

    Please do something dude…

  11. hahah between those two announcers “pulicic” and “pulitic” they couldn’t get his bloody name right. Learn it quick, you twats! You’ll be speaking it a lot in the coming years. PULISIC!

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