Dinamo Zagreb vs Juventus – Highlights & Full Match

Dinamo Zagreb vs Juventus Highlights and Full Match
Competition: UEFA Champions League
Date: 27 September 2016
Stadium: Stadion Maksimir (Zagreb)
Referee: Jorge de Sousa

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  1. I appreciate what you guys do, but unfortunately this player simply doesn’t work. As a mac user it doesn’t even load up in Safari and Chrome is no better. Downloading Firefox to access one site is a little unproductive. Hopefully a solid and reliable player is found going forward.

  2. please return the old player I used to open the vids in internet explorer without problems but with this player it doesn’t load I need 10 mins for few seconds and I cant download the video it gives me the time I need to completely download the video like 50 mins ! and I have a nice internet connection !

  3. This works fine for me. Windows 10, Chrome.

    The rest of you just have donkey computers & browswers.

    Thanks for the upload as always.



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