Barcelona’s Xavi responds to Cristiano Ronaldo’s words and re-starts the feud

Barcelona's Xavi responds to Cristiano Ronaldo's words and re-starts the feud

Cristiano Ronaldo and Xavi have not been known to be the best of friends in the past, but recently they have started a fight that doesn’t look like it will end soon.

The Barcelona legend started everything, as he stated that Lionel Messi is undoubtedly the best footballer in the world and he will have that statute until he wishes to stop playing the game. Xavi continued by stating that everyone thinks that except Real Madrid players and fans. However, Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t take that too lightly and quickly fired back by saying he won’t take criticism from a person that has not won the Ballon d’Or.

Some time had passed since the two of them fired shots at each other, but now Xavi has responded. The ex-Barcelona midfielder said the following:

“I stand by what I said. The problem for Cristiano is that there is another who is pretty much the best player in history.

I’m trying not to disrespect anyone.”

It seems Xavi hasn’t taken Cristiano’s words all too lightly …


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