Brazil vs Bolivia – Highlights & Full Match

Brazil vs Bolivia Highlights and Full Match
Competition: WC Qualification South America
Date: 7 October 2016
Stadium: Arena das Dunas (Natal, Rio Grande do Norte)
Referee: W. Lamouroux

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  1. Liked the first goal Neymer and Gabriel. Remind me of the old Brazil unselfish with the ball passing one another when it need be…If Neymer and Jesus can play like this unselfishly passing each other more in front I see Brazil becoming hard to stop..Brazil is actually missing the hook up from the middle field to the front line..if the Middle field can work hard in passing the ball properly to the front line knowinig that they will unselfishly pass one another like Ronaldo-Ronaldihno- Roberto Carlos time…Brazil Coach needs to work on the middle field and Front line more attacking and passing the ball to one another and score as a team..not to prove that one or two players plays in Barcelona-Germany or England..just pass the ball when you are in a tight angle to score..


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