Venezuela vs Brazil – Highlights & Full Match

Venezuela vs Brazil Highlights and Full Match
Competition: WC Qualification South America
Date: 12 October 2016
Stadium: Estadio Olímpico Metropolitano de Mérida (Mérida)
Referee: V. Carrillo

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  1. Why don’t I see highlights for African World Cup qualifications here. It shows all the competitions in Europe and Latin America, but not Africa. Why? African football is very much entertaining and very exciting, please upload the highlights and full matches for African world cup qualifications, and African Cup of Nations qualifications. Thank You!

    • Biniam, I totally get the fact that African football is “entertaining and exciting”. However, you gotta consider the fact that the Full Matches and Shows team is already working their butts off to provide all that they do. Just be grateful for now and thanks for asking them politely (unlike others in the comments)!

  2. As soon as someone from Africa is entrepreneurial enough to start a website like this, maybe we will see African competitions. Until then, we are grateful for what this site provides. I would like the commentary to be in English and from the UK, but even so, tonight I have to listen to Spanish and Portuguese.

      • His point is that even though Full Matches and Shows is not perfect/ideal and even though he would wish that there was english commentary but there isn’t, he is grateful for what this website provides. And we should all be. It’s free and it’s amazing! Just say thanks!


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