Barcelona’s new club ambassador Ronaldinho doesn’t show up at unveiling, seems to be at the beach instead

Barcelona's new club ambassador Ronaldinho doesn't show up at unveiling, seems to be at the beach instead

At the start of the weekend Barcelona announced that one of their legends and now retired footballer, Ronaldinho, will become an ambassador of the club. At first, the move looked genuinely like a genius move, but ultimately will be that or a miserable failure?

The Brazilian surely will attract a lot of attention given his position, but even in his first days he shows that he’s not too serious about. Ronaldinho was supposed to attend the game between the Catalonians and Deportivo La Coruna on Saturday, but in the end he was not there. The Brazilian was included in the list of people that were in the stands, but maybe that was just a way that Barca was trying to cover his absence.

Ronaldinho even posted a picture of himself on Instagram, where he is on the beach with a young kid. Maybe that’s his idea of being the club’s ambassador.


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