Manchester City vs Everton – Highlights & Full Match

Manchester City vs Everton Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Premier League
Date: 15 October 2016
Stadium: Etihad Stadium (Manchester)

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  1. this site has become shit in recent weeks. The quality of the matches has become poor. when the match videos will play is anybody’s guess and old matches halves are removed with only HL left for viewing. think its time i searched for a new site

    • Didn’t have to be so rude about it. They work hard and the website is definitely not “shit”. The fact that 90% of their videos still WORK is spectacular. Today, there was like 15 games, nearly all with popular teams. Yet, despite that, they still managed to upload and make them all work. Sure there’s problems and if it bothers you, you can leave, just don’t be so unappreciative. These fellas work hard and it’s free. Thank you team fullmatchesandshows

    • @Thabo, shut the fuck up.
      Like the others have said, this is a free site. Show me another free website that has this much (and good quality) content with so many different teams. There aren’t any. So stop fucking complaining. People like you baffle me. It’s free. Go pay if you want better.

      And thank you full matches and shows. Almost always reliable and good quality from you guys. Keep going and ignore idiots like Thabo lol!

      • @Nathan yall seem to be fixated on the fact that this is a free site. There are millions of free content sites out there, everyone uses them daily, yet unlike this site the quality of the service they provide is guaranteed.

        you should know with every site theres 1 better. had to try out a lotta sites. most offer live feeds but just like i found this site i finally found 1 thats better than this nonsense. just finished watching LFC vs MUTD and thought i should check on you guys and guess what, nothing is playing.
        This site used to not be like this. it was quite reliable in fact, approximately 35 min after the first half idt be posted and you can watch it anytime anywhere but it wasnt the first site i used to watch football on and its not the last so im not at all disappointed at the downward spiral it has taken.

          • sure why not. as with football teams im not a fan of i like to watch them crash and burn. most subscribers might believe this site is too precious to lose hence the bashing of my comments and their continued appraisal of this site but soon their patience will run out as well. i cant believe it, lol.., with all the criticism i received nothing is still not playing. well sleep well, hope youre ready for spoilers this morning when you arrive at work.

      • you pay $50 a month for premium satellite subscription. No wonder my comment hit home with you, thats too much. i cancelled my subscription though. hardly watch tv and satellite television companies use the fact that we love sports to get us to pay for programming we never watch so i felt i didnt need my subscription since i have a television that can access the internet.

        • I’m not sure what you are experiencing here, but it’s been reliable for me and my uses, and free. If you want posts right after the half-time of matches, why not just watch it live online?

  2. Always works great for me, Thanks uploader.
    Good for the neutral viewer to see Man City drop a couple points.


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