Liverpool vs Manchester United – Highlights & Full Match

Liverpool vs Manchester United Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Premier League
Date: 17 October 2016
Stadium: Anfield (Liverpool)

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    • definately not solved. this is not an adblock issue. I disabled it weeks ago and I could watch the matches. but few days ago i don’t see any video.
      however there is another solution, (which is far better than this too complicated and uncertain ISP manual linked above) switch to incognito mode (ctrl+shift+n) and the videos are available again.

  1. well, the VERY BEST scoreless draw, @ the end of regulation, i have seen in my lifetime, was the final between Chile & Argentina a couple of years ago in the libertadores. a Nil-Nil outcome is a very expected result between to quality-minded competitors. whereas a 1-0 outcome is the most serious matter for managers due to its thinnest of margins.

    i have often wondered if the Managers and the Referee have a chance @ a discussion before each match. i only question this because the Referee chose the run-of-play fouls for Manchester, when clearly the advantage to Manchester is a dead-ball/set-piece opportunity (((every f*cking time))). Manchester probably averaged a whopping 5 inch height advantage at the very least… and there was at least 5 height mismatches at all times in favor of Manchester, obviously.

    good match though, filled with some irony, as Mourinho is usually the one to complain about a side parking the bus. when it was Manchester displaying a 7-person fullback line during some circumstances, lol.

    • good match? let me cite what a reporter of guardian wrote about it:

      “That was a wretched game of football and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It was pure filth. Liverpool stay fourth, United stay seventh. Good night.”

  2. Guardian reporters, lol you’re in trouble if they are telling you what to think.

    Maureen has the most expensive squad in the World at well over €700m and his side had 35% possession,
    he really is a joke…!!!!
    His sides are always the most boring to watch, Chelsea, Inter, and he even managed to Real look boring.

    When he scraped the champions league with a backs to the wall performance against Munich, he managed to make the biggest game in football the most boring.


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