Barcelona vs Manchester City – Highlights & Full Match

Barcelona vs Manchester City Highlights and Full Match
Competition: UEFA Champions League
Date: 19 October 2016
Stadium: Camp Nou (Barcelona)
Referee: M. Mažić

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  1. thanks! Messi is so much better than C.Ronaldo when he’s healthy, it’s not even funny. Good first half from City, minus the ballwatching on the first goal.

  2. what that hell is wrong with all these overpaid players like neymar, missing penalty after penalty, taking the most stupid runs to take the penalties instead of a straight forward run. of course nobody worse than that shit man aguero.

  3. Steve McManaman’s commentary ruined the match. Complaining and moaning the entire time. How he can sit in the commentary box is beyond me. Obviously the match wasn’t up to the highest standard but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it. Anyone going to watch the match should mute it.

  4. Barcelona player have a good performance Messie is the best player in the Barcelona. Keep going Barcelona!

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