Valencia vs Barcelona – Highlights & Full Match

Valencia vs Barcelona Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Primera División
Date: 22 October 2016
Stadium: Estadio de Mestalla (Valencia)

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  1. Loser Valencia fans. BKL Saale. Bhak! Dirty fouls. Tearing ligaments (Iniesta), crashing into players with studs high (Rakitic) Learn to play clean. FAs need to start banning stadiums unsafe for players. Remember a club in Russia being made to play without any fans.

    • Yeah totally dude. Like they ONLY win with refs dude. Like they are so shit otherwise. I mean without refs they probably couldn’t kick the ball or anything. Fucking UEFAlona. Since you are clearly retarded, that was sarcasm.

    • I remember people constantly claiming that Sir Alex Ferguson owned the refs. It seems as though that nothing has changed and that people are still hating on the best just because they are the best.

  2. I remember back in the day when people were constantly whining about Sir Alex Ferguson and how he supposedly owned the refs. It seems as though that nothing has changed and that people are still hating the best just for being the best…

  3. A sumptuous encounter that had the unfortunate commentary of Ray Hudson!!! Verbal diarhoea.Please upload Sky’ commentary.Thanks.

  4. 3 Barcelona players go down by 1 empty bottle? It show to the world that Barcelona team is fulfilled by Oscar nominee actors

  5. paren de llorar no son nada objetivos valencia estaba pegando duro desde el principio en especial ese que cometio el penal ,barza no sabe jugar sucio y eso los desconcentro pero alli esta ganamos y por eso es que es el mejor equipo del mundo. perras.

  6. even it is one empty bottle it happens. valencia fans can’t bear their defeat. this is not good in football. victory or defeat we have to accept what we deserve.

  7. One of the best websites regarding soccer highlights… Hats off to the Admin and all the team behind this setup.
    Unfortunately we cant see live matches and came here directly to Enjoy the missing moments….


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