Chelsea vs Manchester United – Highlights & Full Match

Chelsea vs Manchester United Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Premier League
Date: 23 October 2016
Stadium: Stamford Bridge (London)

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  1. i hope you guys will keep giving us the whole show for post-match instead of just players comments. I love listening to skysports pundits!

  2. This is honestly the best website. You even state what spoilers each clips contains!
    Thank you from all of us fans who for one reason or another aren’t able to catch the live games.

  3. CHELSEA humilate Man Ure hahahahah , Chelsea is the best team in the world ! No team will beat Man Ure 4-0

  4. hm noobs Chelsea is the best team in the world ! the lose ag Arsenil was fake bc Cahill gifted 2 goals even the other goal was bad defending, im saying IF Chelsea plays normal they are among the best teams now bye u noobs haters

  5. U guys re makin mistake oo, d best will always b @ d top even is chelsea were beaten 10 nil by arsenal, pls help me asked those loser d position they re in table, blues is simply d best leave it or take it


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