Rooney’s agent told by Mourinho that if his client want to play, he will have to change club [Video]

Wayne Rooney's agent told by Jose Mourinho that if his client want to play, he will have to change clubs [Video]

Wayne Rooney is undoubtedly one of biggest Manchester United legends – the striker has given so much to the club and has been loved by the Old Trafford for more than 10 years. However, it’s quite possible that he may find himself playing at another team pretty soon.

According to the latest reports, Manchester United’s new manager, Jose Mourinho, has told Wayne Rooney’s agent that if his client wants to play regular football, he will have to search for another team. The Portuguese manager has stated a couple of times that he has no intentions of actually selling the Red Devils captain, but according to Pilib de Brún, Beyond the Pitch podcast host, Mourinho is secretly trying to get rid of Rooney.

Whether all of this is true, we will most likely understand during the January transfer window or next summer.


  1. Get rid of Mourinho, and install Ryan Giggs,, the team will play there heart out if Giggs was the manager. why pay a huge Salary to a smartass!!!!!!!!! full of Hot air and some jerk gave him the Job

    • 100% agreed.
      I still don’t get why they haven’t logically give the keys to Giggs after Van Gaal…
      And why Mourinho, after what he did in his 2 last seasons…
      But finally, ibra mourinho pogba… it seems to be all for the image, communication, and brand selling…
      Ibra has huge stats only in poor championships (i’m french), and only if he’s the center of the team’s play… Moreover, he’s awful for a team’s ambiance. His best skills, excepted some spectacular taekwondo kicks, are image and media talks. = Brand. And he’s fckin 35 years old!!!
      And Pogba…Why not, but he’s a brand too. He can become a huge player, and i’ll be glad if he makes a legendary career in MU. But honestly… why going to Man Utd this season? Even not in Champions League. Love for the club? lol
      For them 3, and the club, it’s All about the money. Disgusting.
      Total waste of money and talents.
      Total BullSh*t.

        • 1.5 seasons 🙂 I’m not even a big fan of Mourinho, but you have to acknowledge his world class trophy cabinet. Ibra signed on a free with his experience (and talent, not just taekwondo kicks) … why not!? We may even be able to flick him on for 5mil and his shirt sales will likely pay a good chunk of wages. Pogba, everyone says 100mil but it was only around 80 with clauses adding to 100, which we will easily make back in the 2 years it takes to activate. MU back on the up GGMU!!


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