Manchester United vs Manchester City – Highlights & Full Match

Manchester United vs Manchester City Highlights and Full Match
Competition: League Cup
Date: 26 October 2016
Stadium: Old Trafford (Manchester)
Referee: M. Dean

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  1. I am a Man united fan and we are not playing well this season…I liked the Man united first eleven against City and happy for the win but not sure what would have happened if Man city used up all their best players right in the beginning…Bruyne, sterling, Aguero, Fernandinho, John stones. I think this game was set up for united to win it…Even though man united used its full squad we still couldn’t score goals but by luck one goal when it was surely a free kick for city after a city player was forcefully pushed aside outside the box and inside the box before the ball reached to Mata…We won yes but wish man united players can do better than that. Chelsea beat us fair and clean because they have hard working players and the best that Jose created. Man united needs to sideline Abrahamic and give Rooney his spot back in the Centre forward and let Man united play a 4-3-3..martial on the far left, Rooney center, and Rushford far forward right.. we got to have a middle field players that work together and get an unselfish front line technic. the back line is fine always play hard. We have a weak middle field and front line, we lose the ball way too much in the middle and front. we got to use Rooney in the center forward more often and bring Abrahamic as a sub before his gone by December.

    • Agree… the fact that they won this Manchester derby doesn’t mean they are playing well, which was clearly seen yesterday when they failed to beat Burnley at Old Trafford.
      It’s a shame! Even though I’m a City fan, I thought Man U was going to be really powerful this season and a serious title contender, with new players like Zlatan and 90-million pound Pogba. But they’re clearly lacking a lot. United fans have no fun anymore haha. Sack Mourinho!

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