Manchester United vs Burnley – Highlights & Full Match

Manchester United vs Burnley Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Premier League
Date: 29 October 2016
Stadium: Old Trafford (Manchester)
  • HL ENG

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  1. Pogba is a star. He was the greatest in the Series league and can be the greatest in La-liga. The premier league is way different to his style of play.. for instance when playing for juventus, he had the greatest footballer that understood his style and he always got the ball right at the time he needed it and at most times just perfect. With united his ok yet the whole middle field and front line united players still don’t play as a team.

  2. I Hate Entitled Fans They Think They Should Win Just By Showing Up Instead Of Crying About How You Did Not Win Why Don’t You Congratulate Tom Heaton On His World Class Performance

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