Valencia youth team trolls Barcelona for their reactions after last week’s match [Video]

Valencia youth team troll Barcelona for their reactions after last week's match [Video]

Just last week Barcelona defeated Valencia in a match full of drama, as the Catalonians scored their third and decisive goal in injury time after a penalty was given to them.

However, just after the goal was scored by Messi, almost the entire Barca squad celebrated just in front of the Valencia crowd, which angered the fans of the Bats. As a result, some players of the Catalonians got hit by water bottles which were thrown by the supporters. The Spanish FA immediately fined Valencia for the vandal acts of their supporters, but it doesn’t seem that the club has taken that too seriously.

A video emerged with the youth formation of Valencia trolling Barcelona for the way everyone reacted after the water bottles were thrown. It will be curious what kind of discussions this will raise:


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