West Bromwich Albion vs Manchester City – Highlights & Full Match

West Bromwich Albion vs Manchester City Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Premier League
Date: 29 October 2016
Stadium: The Hawthorns (West Bromwich)

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  1. You guys are ridiculous. If it wasn’t for this site you wouldn’t be able to watch at all but you’re complaining because they’re a few hours late? Go exercise.

  2. Those who are so desperate for highlights go and join Sky or BT sports. Pay some quilts if can’t appreciate someone’s work.

  3. What happened to the First and Second Halves of this game? All the other Prem Games have the full game uploaded but why not this one?

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    Awesome website dude !! You da man !!

    • do you really think the guys behind this site are doing it for free? do you think it is a kind of charity? just for fun?

      grow up man…

  5. Sorry admin for all those stupid, ungrateful comments. Keep it up with the good work! Awesome FREE website!

  6. 4200 go fuck your mother. A free sight or not if one is going to do something then do it properly. Wait you would not know quality if it hit you in the face

  7. So I Guess You Are Not Going To Upload This Match You May As Well Just Put Highlights On The Title If That Is The Case 🙂


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