Manchester United fans want a “Mourinho Out” banner to be flown over Old Trafford during a game

Manchester United fans want a "Mourinho Out" banner to be flown over Old Trafford during a game

Jose Mourinho’s start at Manchester United hasn’t been what most of the people imagined that it would be, as the Red Devils definitely haven’t been looking good on the football pitch.

United are currently sitting on 8th place with just 15 points after 10 games and it’s hard to say that things are looking good. Moreover, it should be noted that the Red Devils under Mourinho have started even worse than when David Moyes and Louis Van Gaal were managers.

Unsurprisingly, the fans have not been happy with the turn of events, but they are planning to protest is more than extravagant. A campaign has been organized by the Manchester United supporters and the main idea is to fly a plane with a banner that states “Mourinho Out”. It’s quickly gathering popularity on Twitter and it’s quite possible that it could actually happen!


    • he did get a chance! real madrid, inter, twice @ chelsea, you cant be doing that with united, there’s only 1 fergie! his stats with united is even worst than V Gaal & Moyes, did they get a chance! whats so special about mourinio, every club he went to was already built for him, ranieri was 1 year away, and they sacked him, when he came back ranieris core were all gone! what did he do bought fabregas just to piss off wenger, he’s the real Voyeur! credit due fabregas and hazard won it that year, not mourinio.
      he hates wenger so much coz he’s never and will ever be in the same league as wenger. as he stayed longer with these clubs, the team got worse. im seeing a pattern there!.. porto ill give him that! 🙂 and that what he has with united a lot of names but im strugling to see a team.. like he’s picture above, praying a zlatan “A Miracle” and lets face it united players are way too much of an attacking for him, he wouldnt know what to do with that many attacking players, he’s too defensive minded.

      • what was Fergie’s stats for the first few years as a Man U manager before he became successful? Fans expect all things to be instant nowadays.

      • Ronald you are a disgrace to mankind , he already won you 1 trophy and is on the verge of winning another one and securing direct CL qualification. Mourinho didnt use his chances in his career?? Won the treble with Inter , Champions League with Porto, 3 PL Titles with Chelsea and built the spine of this years Chelsea team, restored Real Madrids greatness – he built the whole squad and Ancelotti just finished his work. United is just a shit team get over it , the table does not lie you are where you belong because you have shit players, you think spending big money guarantees you success, look at City this year 0 trophies spend just as much as you cunts

  1. Mourinho has lost it. Chelsea’s beating of Man U confirmed it and also confirmed why they sacked him. Man U should not have gone for him in the first place. We need a Laurent Blanc or a Diego Simeone

    • i guess he was still feeling the blues from that game, thats gotta hurt! those chelsea supporters let alone the players, were practically his family all screaming & jeering at him, i would feel sorry for him, but i know he’ll be ok, he’s special after all right! 🙂

  2. What the hell is wrong with people? I hope they drive him out … then they’ll see their club really hit rock bottom. Complaining after 10 games would be justified if things were already in place but he had to try and rebuild. I’m a Pompey fan so imagine how very sorry I am that they are only 8th in the Premier League. Oh boo hoo.

  3. only united fans first it was poor moyes, then lvg and now mou… much for we are full of CLASS ! and they madrid are trigger happy.

  4. The truth is Manchester united has great players but somehow they are failing to play as a team. The front and middle field isn’t playing very well or the system used up isn’t working. Front line and middle field is way to slackly and way too slow with the ball. No doubt United has a good defense team yet Man city has the greatest defense. Somehow the players energy drops each time they begin a match.. Abrahamic isn’t performing well in front alone. Maybe Rooney will be better with Martial and Memphis in front then bring in Rushford and Abraham as a sub. United has had an attacking middle field and front line team under Louis Van Gaal and previous manager now we are not attacking more but defending more. Yes Mourinhou built a great Chelsea and now his doing he same with united. Man united has to wake up as a team and play smart and start scoring goals as a team before its too late.

  5. We had Sir Alex leave quite an average squad behind for moyes to pik up and he didnt really add anything to the team.
    Then Van Gaal came in and completely changed the whole squad shipping everyone out and buying his own team. Then after 2 years he steadied the ship and our Defense was great but he didnt please us going forward. Now you have Mourinho who allegedly wants to make UTD his long term club meaning hes going to need a few years. Hes having to work with the stick that Moyes bought who is coming in usefull but its having Van Gaals squad. Because Van Gaal replaced the whole team, all the money was distributed out on “average” players and not slowly bringing in star players (excluding DiMaria). Pogba, Bailley, Ibra and mkhitaryan. Apart from Ibra the rest need time and the squad needs time for changing from Moyes to Vangall then to Mourinho.
    Ibra and Rooney are both goal scorers but are coming to the end so they need to be alternated.
    GK – De Gea
    DEF- Valencia, Smalling, Bailley, Shaw
    MID- Carrick Herrera (DM/CM) – Pogba (AM)
    FWD- Mkhitaryan/Mata – Ibra/Rooney- Martial/ Rashford

  6. Just love how fickle United fans are! I think Mourinho is a c***t but as long as he keeps this up he will do for me! Relegation sounds nice. There’s only 1 team in Manchester now off ya pop. CTID

  7. its the players not mourinho,zlataan ,rooney,and some defenders are useless, the problem is in the team not the coach. he need new players then u will see different man u.

  8. Not quite the same now is it… Fake news, people just trying to stir it up. 3 tweets does not constitue as news…Lame Article

  9. I just realized that if Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenum loses a game any time now and Man united wins we can see Man united at spot number three ending up fighting with Manchester city for Spot number two. I do see that happening…chealse will stay on top as they are determined to take it but if they loses three games they can miss the trophy. Right now Man united needs to focus on winning the EFL CUP, and maybe the European cup and play hard on the FA and fight harder to see where we go with the BARCLYAS PREMIER LEAGUE..


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