Barcelona’s Neymar pushed Granada’s Ruben Vezo down the stairs after match between the teams [Video]

Barcelona's Neymar pushed Granada's Ruben Vezo down the stairs after match between the teams [Video]

Neymar isn’t known for being the calmest guy on the world, as he often loses his temper and does strange things on the pitch. That’s what happened during the game Granada as well, in which Barcelona won with a 1-0 score.

Neymar got himself into trouble with Granada’s Ruben Vezo after the Brazilian made a pretty hard tackle, which earned him a yellow card too. After the foul, both players went literally head-to-head and things could have easily escalated into a fight, but at the moment it did not happen.

Nonetheless, it seems that Neymar hadn’t calmed down even after the final whistle, as the Barcelona player was spotted pushing down Vezo down the stairs of the tunnel leading to the locker rooms. According to reports, after they went in the dressing room, they two footballers had to be separated in order to escape a bigger incident.


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  2. When he’s face to face with Vezo he’s running away and shouting things from a distance, but evidently he has to wait until Vezo’s back is turned before he can attack him. Pussy Neymar!

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    • No one is saying he wont leave Barca. Chill the fuck out, Neymar needs to chill out too. This stuff makes him look like an ass

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