Barcelona vs Real Madrid – Highlights & Full Match

Barcelona vs Real Madrid Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Primera División
Date: 3 December 2016
Stadium: Camp Nou (Barcelona)
Referee: Clos Gómez

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  1. What are you saying i love the beinsport commentators (Best in bussness), Roy is telling l it like a farytail…Love it .
    So please do not stop with beingsport uploads.

  2. “The defense goes missing like the Kids in the BlairWich project here!”
    Lmfao This comentator is to funny, who is he?

    • He is someone who thinks he is on the “Ray Hudson Show” and not commentating a sporting event. The football takes a back seat to his obnoxious screaming and bad attempts to try and be funny and entertaining.

      • Yes, those that duo at Bein are the absolute worst. One sounds like he’s an american football announcer, the other like he’s on magic mushrooms. So bad.
        Thanks for using SKY also.

    • Don’t listen to those haters, they have their opinion and we have ours. Ray Hudson is his name and he also has a twitter page. Very entertaining commentator 😀

      • Just because someone has a different opinion doesn’t automatically mean they are a “hater”. When the commentator says things like “The defence goes missing like the kids in the BlairWitch project” what the commentator is doing is focusing attention on himself and not the football. It’s unprofessional. But “hate” is a strong word … I prefer “dislike”.

  3. Thank you for including Bein Sport commentary along with Sky Sport. They are both excellent commentaries catering to different ears and tastes.

    This site is the only reliable site for us Ray Hudson enthusiasts….you can get Sky Sport everywhere else.

    Thank you for the Bein Sport upoads gents.

    No Pre or Post match stuff on this one? No worries. Thank you

  4. The Bein Sport commentary is all right, but they need to get a lot better at pronouncing foreign names. Poor Gomes had his name totally butchered today 🙁

    • well, to be fair he is portuguese and the portuguese pronounce it “gomsch” so they like to pronounce it as they would. you’ll find a lot of sky sports presenters and bt sport presenters don’t do that so they end up mispronouncing a lot of names. robbie savage and his “firminio” is the one i hate the most because there is no reason to say it like that…

  5. lol at people complaining about ray hudson… his commentating is legendary, and i’m always gutted when there is no bein sports upload with phil and ray.

    • Amen Bob! well written. Ray Hudson commentaries are an acquired taste….I can understand his commentary can be abrasive and irritating to others but I get tired of reading the negativity when all they have to do is go to the majority of other sites who upload ONLY Sky Sport…….

      ….fortunately the folks here are a class act and do their best to upload the Ray hudson stuff when available despite the anti-Ray Hudson crying….haha.

      What I don’t like about Ray Hudson is that he sometimes emasculates ole Phil …..grates on me a bit. i take his good with the bad.


  6. The beIN commentators are so hard to listen to. The scottish dude’s gargling and the american accent are a big turn off. Glad I don’t have to listen to these guys everytime. I watched the highlights on mute.

  7. How does this idiot commentator still have a job? I avoid La Liga because of this guy alone. So fucking annoying and obnoxious. Screams for no reason and hypes up every situation just so he can pop in with his idiotic and childish metaphors.

    • Yeah his idea of entertainment is just annoying. I can see what he is trying to do … but he fails.

  8. Hey anyone is having problems with the video? it wont stop loading… i followed the instructions below and i still cant watch it. I have never had this problem… don’t know what to do 🙁

  9. stop whining about the commentators like a bitch and talk about the game . so sad how barza let go 2 points to Madrid

  10. Why are u mad guys with the commentators? He looks appasionate, here in south america we live every game so intense that a commentator like that is cool


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