BBC Match of the Day – Week 14 | Full Show

Video for this game is no longer available.


  1. Luiz extremely lucky not to have a broken leg. Aguero’s shown to be a filthy player time and time again.
    Chalobah’s response to such a horrific tackle is some what just. What in the world was Iheanacho doing? And Fernandinho really going off kilter with that really bizarre. Fabregas did remonstrate with that little slap on Fernandinho, who was holding him quite aggressive by the neck. All in all a very poor showing of control.

    The Ref perhaps got the right cards out for the weighting of the offenses. Luiz lucky to be only to be seen by the medical staff rather than hospital staff.

    Expect the FA to be silent on this as the Ref has responded to all the issues on field.

  2. The FA will clearly charge both clubs they both lost control after yes the worst challenge I’ve seen for a while. You’ve slammed Man City players and let off Chelsea’s. Fabregeas deserved a red too and expect to see plenty of retrospective bans.

  3. Great Game Of Football and that is were the Media should leave it….everything else that happened should be dealt with by the Ref….and that includes watching it again so he knows what happened….if you let the Media and the FA get involved you are taking away all the Brilliant Football and no one should do that….our Game is slowly been eaten away by Technology, Money and Rules….leave Football alone….

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