BBC Match of the Day – Week 16 | Full Show



  1. This is a wonderful service. Thanks for providing it. I do have a couple of requests though:
    1) can you make the mouse pointer disappear in full-screen mode?
    2) can you make left- and right-arrow skip backwards and forwards respectively by 10 or 20 seconds?
    Both of these features would make the service much better to use.

  2. Great website, however, past week or so i’ve found on my android phone it will just freeze on the opening advert. It will load, but then won’t go any further. On a PC it works fine, but yeah on my phone for some reason none of the videos will work. also agree with the above comment, the back and forwards thing with the arrow would be a great idea.

  3. I think some of the ads are taking your mobile device away from playing the videos. It’s making it tough tough to watch when certain ads are present

  4. Can you please make Phil Neville disappear in full-screen mode?

    Please also find a cure for cancer and end world poverty.

    Other than that, this is the best website for football highlights I’ve ever used, many thanks.


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