Barcelona vs Las Palmas – Highlights & Full Match

Barcelona vs Las Palmas Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Primera DivisiĆ³n
Date: 14 January 2017
Stadium: Camp Nou (Barcelona)

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  1. just want to agree with the others here about the commentator, who is a total chump who was barely a professional player – Ray Hudson is his name

    let the game do the talking – MSN are the stars, and this glory hog totally ruins it – if there was something else, I would definitely watch that

    this is a great site by the way

  2. I’m getting a 403 error (forbidden) which is stopping the video from loading. Can you please tell me why this is happening and how to fix it? I have been using this website for a month now and this is the first time I encounter this error.

  3. I’m not sure whether the admins read these and see all the negative comments about Ray Hudson, but I just wanted to say that I fucking love him. Please don’t stop uploading beIN games! They’re great!


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