Liverpool vs Wolverhampton Wanderers – Highlights & Full Match

Liverpool vs Wolverhampton Wanderers Highlights and Full Match
Competition: FA Cup
Date: 28 January 2017
Stadium: Anfield (Liverpool)

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  1. @mar – he never stood a chance. naingollan is shoulder to shoulder when he goes for it! poor MORONo … should have just nudged the player off his stride a bit.

  2. Moreno needs to quit football altogether he has been absolutely atrocious for as long as I remember watching him at Liverpool. I’d like to say I’m surprised Klopp has kept Moreno on at all but Klopp seems to be lost when it comes to his defense, going forward (on their day) Liverpool play some of the best football around but if they want to be in with a chance of a Champions league spot (let alone the title) Klopp needs to reconfigure that back line and maybe even bring in some defensive reinforcements in this transfer window


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