Barcelona vs Athletic Bilbao – Highlights & Full Match

Barcelona vs Athletic Club Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Primera División
Date: 4 February 2017
Stadium: Camp Nou (Barcelona)

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    • That ‘old man’ is a legendary commentator who’s been doing his job for decades, and doing it well, mind you. He probably knows more about football many of the so-called soccer fans who comment on here who, coincidentally, don’t know how to appreciate free content but whine and request to no end. So, the least you could show is respect to Mr. Hudson and be thankful that the content is up, at all, ‘young one’.

        • And yeah, don’t forget that we also have people who complain and find everything annoying, those easily butthurted people

      • I could count on my fingers the amount of times Ray Hudson has said anything of real insight when commentating. The guy is a grade A obnoxious douche bag.

        • 100% agree Jacob, he never syas something interesting, what’s so magical about controling a ball? what’s so magical about a nutmeg? 100% exagerated and annoying.

      • I don’t think he complained about the website, so I don’t see how the “free content” argument is relevant unless you think Ray Hudson is the admin of the website.

        Yes, Hudson obviously has great understanding of football and he is usually spot on in assessments, but some of us would like to let him know that random exclamations of “magic” and using “magisterial” as an adjective for everything decent is extremely annoying.


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