Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid – Highlights & Full Match

Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid
Barcelona vs Atlético Madrid Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Copa del Rey
Date: 7 February 2017
Stadium: Camp Nou (Barcelona)

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  1. That oldman should be in an asylum, he’s so annoying!
    He is not even funny, shows not knoledge about the game (calls genius when player do a single ball control or pass).
    he is just sad to listen.

    • I’m with you mate. Terrible commentators, and the screaming one… way to hysterical to be an old football fan.

      • The oldman is still a legend…stop hating! There is an English version of the commentary, no one is holding a gun on your stupid heads to listen to him. He is there for those who like him…so fu*k off and listen to someone else!!

  2. 8 fucking ads in one half…are you fking kidding me!!! theres a reason you don’t see ads during live matches on TV!!!!!!!!!!! I can understand one or maybe 2, but fucks sake, can’t enjoy 10 min of football without an AD..BShit!!

  3. Hey Please i cant click on the play button when AdBlock is disabled.
    PLease help me i cant play the video beacause of this.PLease HELP Me….!

  4. Fuck you norrid, you wanker. Go wank elsewhere. Everybody loves Ray Hudson, everyone comes to watch football for excitement, we dont need boring commentators.

  5. i agree with every word FG says about the adds, it takes all the excitement out of the game, even when they are going to score a gool the add comes on, all i can say is you guys are just spoiling the game. youdont have to show the same add over and over all the time ,WE GET THE PICTURE.

  6. Hey all – any idea what changed about the site in the past few days? I could play everything properly even with Ad Block enabled, but now I can’t play anything even after disabling them!

  7. Same problem. Can’t play shit all of a sudden (AdBlock disabled etc). Always been such a great and reliable sites (the overkill on adds of late is a bit annoying but I guess you gotta pay your way somehow).

    Big football fan living in Asia. Time difference is shit for CL and late kick-offs, so this is my source for all games and highlights. Please fix this ‘no play’ issue.


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