BBC Match of the Day – 11 Mar 2017 – Full Show



  1. Hi Admin, I’ve allowed the whole site in AdBlock Plus but it’s still saying I can’t watch the video because I am using an Ad Blocker. I hope you’ll fix this soon.

  2. Havent been able to watch a video on here for some time. The PLAYWIRE advert gets stuck, no blue bar. Have notified admin before! Will hope to see the links appear below to download, please!

  3. What’s going on with the ads? It’s fair enough to pause the match stream for an ad, but now I’m getting audio from ads playing in the background while the match is still being shown. AND it’s on higher volume than the match commentary so I can’t hear the match audio properly.
    Also I had the same problem as Johan on MOTD Part 2. Playwire ad got stuck.

  4. I don’t have an ad blocker and its saying I’m using an ad blocker,
    unablele to watch today. Tried a different site with playwire, same thing, so Im assuming its a playwire issue

  5. I hate playwire because it’s only 480p. Cmon it’s 2017. People upload videos in 4k as standard now on YouTube. I understand you have to pay for bandwidth costs, but many free live streams have 2 popups, no ads and let us watch a 5000kbps stream for 110 mins. Your website is riddled with ads and popups and the content is 360p. Please switch to weshare or another provider. The problem with weshare is that the servers lag when a lot of people try to use it. Maybe you can try find another provider.

  6. Admin,

    What on earth have you done? Adblock issue will keep us ALL out of your site! No solutions!

    You embedded MOTD Week 24 in Week 28 Part B!!!!! Please reload/upload the right one…..

    What happened to you guys lately???? Disappointing!


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